West Tennessee State Prison

"The Gated Community"

Eikon Ministries has had the privilege to go to Henning, Tennessee, for the past 5 years to co-labor with the brothers incarcerated at West Tennessee State Prison (we call it The Gated Community). The journey began with a phone call from Chaplain Edward Baxter to do a volunteer training. That led to a one-day training session with the leaders of the Church at West Tennessee (a strong church led by strong, godly men). We asked the Chaplain to keep us in mind if there was an opening to be involved on a monthly basis. Soup was in line waiting to leave on a long international trip when his phone rang. It was Chaplain Baxter letting him know that 1 Sunday a month had come available. We were faithful to be consistent on that assignment. Five years later we now have 6 classes—5 classes where we teach the Biblical standard of disciple-making, modeled after Jesus in the Scriptures, and 1 business class one Saturday a month where the men learn business skills and how to plan for employment after release. We also take a basketball team in once a month and a softball team during the spring and summer.We have taken several people to participate in this ministry and they have come away amazed and blessed by the maturity and commitment of the men in the gated community. We will post testimonies and keep you posted with updates from The Gated Community.  


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