Eikon Ministries programs and activities are made possible because of people like you. We need ministry partners who can help subsidize the youth’s experiences. In addition to financial supporters, we are also looking for individuals who could provide business opportunities, sponsor meals, teach classes, or provide a field trip experience. Specific opportunities are listed below.

Access our volunteer application here.

Eikon Summer Camp (June - July)

(Boys and girls ages 10-17)

  • Provide/serve breakfast
  • Provide / serve lunch
  • Sponsor an Thursday field trip
  • Assit with teaching Life Skills classes
  • Assist with recreational activities
  • Assist with devotionals and bible studies
  • Assist with service projects in the community

To get involved with Eikon Summer Camp, contact Willie Baldwin or contact Rasheema Pitt

Kids Across America camp (July 23 - July 29)

  • Sponsor a youth - $265

To get involved with KAA, contact Willie Baldwin.

Club Nathan

  • Provide pizza on Tuesday nights (10 pizzas)
  • Help supervise youth on Tuesday nights
  • Provide incentives for memorizing Scripture, answering questions correctly, winning games, etc. (e.g., fast food coupons, movie passes, new toys)

To get involved with Club Nathan, contact Willie Baldwin.


Brewster Elementary, Cornerstone Prep, & Lester Prep
  • Monitor hallways
  • Help out in the cafeteria (wipe down tables, throw trash away, supervise children, etc.)
  • Coach basketball teams (October - March)
  • After school tutoring/homework help
  • Mentor a student

To get involved with schools, contact Willie Baldwin.


  • Assist with coaching basketball teams
  • Provide incentives (e.g., fast food coupons, movie passes, etc.)
  • Provide snacks (October - March)
  • Provide new basketballs
  • Provide new basketball shoes
  • Provide cookout for the teams
  • Sponsor sports banquet

To get involved with sports teams, contact Willie Bladwin.

The Bing Dance House

  • Volunteer as an instructor for an hour a week 
  • Provide incentives for perfect attendance, scripture memory, answering questions correctly, etc.
  • Assist with supervising the youth at bible study on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:00PM
  • Provide new dance shoes for ballet, tap, or jazz
  • Mentor a student
  • Provide pizza on Wednesday nights (4 pizzas)
  • Provide snacks (October-April)
  • Provide bibles (10 bibles)
  • Sponsor an end of the year banquet 

To get involved with dance team, contact Rasheema Pitt.


Bible Studies

  • Assist with teaching a Bible study
  • Share your testimony
  • Sponsor monthly birthday cakes
  • Provide incentives (e.g., fast food coupons, movie passes, etc.)

Mission Trips

  • Sponsor youth or staff's trip
  • Help provide supplies for trips

Summer Interns

  • Sponsor a summer intern
  • Sponsor a student for Kids Across America 

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