Eikon Update 2020

Hello family and friends! We hope you all are doing well and staying safe. By the grace of God, He has allowed us to continue to invest in others in the midst of a challenging season with COVID-19. Below are a few ministry updates.

COVID-19 Relief

  • In 3 months, $13,000 was raised to support relief efforts:
  • 1,000 meals were given out to families by individual volunteers as well as from churches throughout the city – Second Presbyterian, Christ Church, MGM, Faith Baptist, Hope Church, and First Evan.
  • Several families received assistance towards MLGW bills.
  • $9,000 in Kroger gift cards were given out to families in need.

Soup & Linda’s Zoom Meetings

Disciple making trainings continue to take place via Zoom Mondays-Saturdays. Each day different men and women (averaging around 244 people/week) are logging on from various places (America, Africa, Asia, etc.). It's been amazing to see God at work.

Independent Presbyterian 

Met with some Mission Committee members from Independent Presbyterian Church - to talk about Eikon Ministries on July 9th. It went well. We will meet with them again in August or September. 

Eikon Alabama 

Eikon Alabama purchased a home to do ministry out of. It had the whole package—great location, great price, and great space. The Lord was all up in this! In addition, the process of Eikon Alabama getting its own 501c3 began. It will be called Blueprint for Leadership Alabama - this will allow them to get more local funding - with the name being more local. 

Service Projects

  • First Evan Church made repairs to the Clubhouse on Nathan Street.
  • Faith Baptist Church painted the ministry house on Nathan Street and completed yard work in Binghampton.
  • We are so thankful for their commitment to serve, even in a pandemic. 
  • Students are continuing to serve by completing yard work for others, picking up trash in their neighborhoods, etc.

Virtual Summer Camp

Due to COVID-19, Summer Camp in the Hamp went virtual.

  • Young men participate in morning devotions, life skills, 7 Virtues of manhood, trivia, and service projects.  The boys are also reading the Bible, memorizing scripture, learning the books of the Bible through rap, and learning to share the Gospel through the Bridges of Life – an evangelistic tool.
  • Ladies also had fun even while being apart. Through Zoom, RaSheema and volunteers designed interactive classes to be done at home for six weeks. Daily activities included morning devotions, service projects, crafts, bible study, games, workouts, academics, and various life skills Monday-Thursday. 

The following testimony came from the parent of a young man who participated in Team Eikon basketball:

I was calling to tell you how much of an influence you have been to my son. I don’t know about all y’alls talks, but I do know every single thing you told my boy he uses in his daily life and influences others to do what you have instilled in him. And may God continue to bless you and your family.

The following testimony came from a student who participated in camp:

This camp has benefited me in many ways. First, it gives me and the other girls a platform to socialize with each other. We are not allowed to really hang out with friends, so this camp gives us an opportunity to do that. Second, we are given responsibilities and tasks throughout the week to keep us engaged and active instead of sitting around watching TV all day. We are also creating good habits spiritually because we’re not just talking about spending time with God we actually do it. Finally, I am being pushed to stay active and do service work. I am able to move my body almost every day. 

Posted by Carson Ford at 13:56