Eikon Ministries Summer Updates 2022

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Hello Family,

Hope everybody is all good. This was one of those good, hot summers with a lot of summer ministry activities and opportunities. Everyone is ready to get going after being on lock with Covid and all. After finishing a great summer at Kids Across America Camp, Linda and I back are on the run with trips to Honduras, Africa, and Nepal (August - September). It feels good to be back out again training and encouraging leaders and strengthening marriages. We are excited to share some highlights from our summer programs below. Thank you for partnering with Eikon Ministries to make an impact and change lives - at home and around the globe. Check out the video!!

We appreciate y’all,






It was a joy to bring back our Vocational Beginners School (VOBS) summer jobs program. The theme for the program was "Work Wholeheartedly" centered around Colossians 3:23. During the morning hours, youth went out in the community to mow yards, remove brush, debris, and more to earn money. In the afternoon they learned skills such as interview techniques, how to manage a checking and savings account, and the importance of community engagement. Youth from First Presbyterian Church in Starksville, MS worked alongside our youth during the second week. After two weeks of sweat and fun, the kids received payment for their hard work. We ended our time with a banquet to celebrate their hard work. 


Bing Dance Intensive Camp

Several young ladies participated in the Bing Dance intensive camp this summer. They had the opportunity to strengthen their dance skills, be challenged physically and spiritually, and serve in the community. The ladies were involved in an intensive experience that involved learning a year's worth of various dance styles in two weeks.


Summer Camp in the Hamp

We were excited to bring back Camp in the Hamp on Nathan Street. For two weeks, boys engaged in daily devotionals, life skills training, and academic enrichment. Some of the life skills the boys learned were how to tie a tie, how to provide proper maintenance on and detail a car. They also built bleachers with the help of volunteers - feel free to come by and check them out on the basketball court! During academic enrichment time, the boys chose an important historical figure to learn about. On the last day of camp, the boys gave a short presentation about what they learned.



This year we took 45 kids to Kids Across America in Golden, MO. Kids got an opportunity to participate in various sports and recreational activities. They also attended Cross Talk, which is one of the most important nights of the camp because kids get to witness a reenactment of what happened to Jesus Christ during his crucifixion and a Gospel Message is shared.


Y on the Fly

A crew from YMCA came out to speak to our youth about the importance of eating the right food, staying healthy, and exercising.


Summer Stats

1. 30 participants in VOBS summer job program.
2. 15 participants in Camp in the Hamp.
3. 12 participants in Bing Dance Intensive. 
4. 45 participants went to Kids Across America.
5. We host First Presbyterian Church out of Starksville, MS for one week.  
6. Kids received backpacks and school supplies. 
7. 5 kids gave their life to Christ at Kids Across America Camp.
8. 12 people volunteered for our summer program.
9. We Host Kids Across America Higher ground for one week 18people.
10. We hosted Faith Baptist Church their reach memphis week. 
11. We had 60 families to receive free produce in June and July.


Prayer and Praise 

1. Praise God for an awesome summer with our kids.

2. Praise God for keeping us all safe this summer with no injuries .

3. Pray for our kids as they head back to school.

4. Pray for our teachers as they welcome students to a new year of learning.

5. Pray for all administrators and school staff who have been working diligently to get this school year kicked off. 

6. Pray for a strong start with our fall programs!

7. Pray for our mission team who is headed to Honduras this week!


Thank You

We would not have been able to do what we did this summer if it wasn't for all of our donors who provided the necessary funding to help us have a successful summer. We praise God for you! We also want to thank all donors who gave school supplies, backpacks, and provided snacks and food for our camps. Also, shout out to all of the volunteers who spent time with our youth and shared their various talents and skills. Many thanks to all who were prayer warriors for our summer camp and ministry as a whole. THANK YOU!


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