Dance For Joy Recital 2021

The BDH 2020-2021 dance season began differently. With social distancing measures in place, Zoom was a critical part of our dance education, bible studies, special events, academic support, and more. The gallery of squares on our different devices became the lifeline connecting us to our dance friends, mentors, and ability to keep up technique. Together we were VIRTUALLY unstoppable.

Although Zoom instruction came with its challenges, we were blown away by the commitment, work ethic, and creativity of the ladies. They were able to accomplish and learn so much. We ended the season with our annual Dance for Joy recital on Saturday, April 24th, 2021. Before talking about the recital, itself, we would like to acknowledge the staff, volunteers, sponsors, and the BDH council members who each played an equally important part in the recital’s creation and execution. We appreciate them immensely. We'd also like to thank everyone who attended in person and those who watched from the comfort of their own homes. We appreciate you supporting our dancing stars. Well, it's difficult to recount that day, because just describing it doesn’t do justice to the beauty and emotion that was cultivated throughout the evening of performances. There was amazing talent, precision & inspiration displayed from our dancers and guest dancers. The performance lasted about 90 minutes and it was gratifying to see everything come together. A memorable moment took place at the end, when the ladies stood together and grinned as they received their awards. You could sense the joy they felt regarding their performance and what they'd been able to accomplish throughout the pandemic. Smiling genuinely, they clapped for each other as the on-site audience stood clapping for them. That night will be one that's cherished. 

Testimonial from a dancer:

"It felt awesome to have everyone come out and see the routines that were put together. We worked really hard to learn them. The people’s reactions in the audience, like their smiles and surprised looks, encouraged me. It pushed me to dance strong and with confidence even when I was getting tired. I was in 6 dances. I’m thankful for everyone who came out. I felt very supported." -Eboni

Posted by Carson Ford at 13:55