About Us

Our Story

Eikon Ministries was founded by Roy “Soup” Campbell in 1997. With a mission to change the urban community from the inside out. Eikon began working to build leaders who live in and are vested in the community. Since 1999, the Eikon staff have become a part of Binghampton by purchasing homes in the neighborhood. We love and serve the community in which we live. At Eikon, we hope to provide resources, role models, and a vision to empower the residents of Binghampton to positively impact our community, on our way to impacting the world.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to build leaders who will change their communities from the inside out. Eikon’s vision is a stream of young men and women with a passion for Christ who make disciples who will help change Memphis and, in turn, impact the world.

Our Strategy


Visibility is important to us because it serves a symbolic function, signaling that we actively engage and invest in Binghampton. For example, staff volunteer in the schools, serve at the Lester Community Center, and some staff live in the neighborhood.

Large Groups

These exist for the purpose of building relationships with youth so the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be clearly presented. Large groups include Nathan Street Ministries, Team Eikon, and the Bing Dance House.

Small Groups

These groups are geared toward grounding youth in the Word of God and equipping them to reach others in their community and the world with the Gospel.

D-Groups (Disciple Groups)

These are designed to develop and train youth and adults who will be leaders in their neighborhood and the world (Acts 17:6).

Get Involved

Your time matters and can make a difference in someone’s life.

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