About Us

Our Story

Eikon Ministries was founded by Roy “Soup” Campbell in 1997. With a vision to change the urban community from the inside out, Eikon began working to build leaders who live in and are vested in the community. Since 1999, the Eikon staff has become a part of Binghampton by purchasing homes in the neighborhood. We love and serve the community in which we live. At Eikon, we hope to provide resources, role models, and a vision to empower the residents of Binghampton to positively impact our community, on our way to impacting the world.

Eikon Ministries received its name from the Greek work “Eikon,” meaning “image”or “likeness.” In Romans 8:29, Paul writes that we should be “conformed to the image [Eikon] of Christ.” Eikon Ministries exists to assist the residents of a community to grow in their becoming more like Christ.

Our Vision

The focus of our ministry is evangelism and discipleship. Our desire is to exhibit true disciple-making and leadership development, patterned after Jesus’ teaching of His disciples. The product of our ministry will be a stream of young men and women with a passion for Christ and making disciples. As Jesus’ disciples and their generations of “down line” disciples have impacted the world, Eikon Ministries will make disciples who will help change Memphis and, in turn, impact the world.

Eikon Ministries' staff is fully committed to raising the next generation of leaders from Binghampton. All of the Eikon staff have moved into the community and now minister to the people of Binghampton as neighbors. When you live in a community, you are more dedicated to the people of the neighborhood, as their circumstances affect you and your family. You care more about the schools, because your children go to those schools, and you care about the crime, as it directly impacts your family. Eikon Ministries is dedicated to providing positive programming for the youth of Binghampton throughout the year.

Our Strategy

Eikon Ministries plans to build indigenous leaders in Binghampton through a 15-year process from pre-school education through adulthood. During this period, Eikon has designed strategic programs to impact the participants at each level of development. Our plan is for our youth to become homeowners in Binghampton and re-invest in their community. As role models from the neighborhood, they will serve as excellent partners for the next generation coming through Eikon programs.

Visible Environment

All of the Eikon staff live in the community and minister to the people of Binghampton as neighbors. We are also involved at each of the schools in the neighborhood and at the Community Center.

Large Group

Exist for the purpose of building relationships with youth in the neighborhood so that the Gospel can be clearly presented and in hopes that they will become involved in one of our small group Bible Studies.

Small Group

Geared toward grounding youth in the Word of God and equipping them to reach others in their community and the world with the Gospel.

D-Group (Disciple Group)

These are the youth we believe will be the next generation of leaders and change agents in the neighborhood and the world (Acts 17:6).

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