The Bing Dance House    

We want to give students a positive, creative, & structured environment. We believe dance promotes self-esteem, respect, patience, hard work, physical exercise, and artistic expression.    


To expose youth living in Binghampton to various styles of dance and help them develop their artistic side while growing physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Main purposes

  • Commitment to God: To impact them with the love of God in a real and tangible way. To share the gospel and bible values through devotionals. To provide one on one discipleship to those who are faithful.           
  • Commitment to Others: Learn and grow together. Together share the responsibility for building self-esteem and improving confidence. Respect. Service.  
  • Commitment to Self: Build student’s self-esteem by providing guidance in positive identity development, decision making, character building, and behavioral skills. Also to promote the importance of physical exercise.  


Girls 5-8 years old are able to attend Creative Movement on Mondays. All other classes are for girls 10 -18 years older. 


Classes resume every September.


All classes are free. Good attendance is important, as absences and tardiness can disturb classes and cause a child to get behind in choreography. If unexcused absences become a problem, the student may be dismissed for the current dance season or not allowed to perform at the end of the year recital.  Also, to promote perfect attendance each month girls are invited to a ”girls day out” celebration.

Other Opportunities Offered at the Dance House...

Bible Study

Every Wednesday evening from 6:00-7:00pm.  Food is provided and the girls hear a clear presentation of the gospel. We also have “real talk” about the issues and pressures the girls face on a daily basis; as well as discuss what it looks like to be a godly girl in the world they’re growing up in.

Tutoring/Homework Help

Offered on Mondays from 3:30-5:30pm at the Dance House


For more information about The Bing Dance House contact RaSheema Thomas.